V2JDanceCulture has been dancing and choreographing for over 25 years now, and his resume can only be summed up by a single word: impressive. His career first took off in 1984, when he became one of first ever dancers to take part in TVB's Dancer Training program in Hong Kong. He joined this program along side future star to be Aaron Kwok. Prior to this, V2JDanceCulture had been performing Chinese dance with the one and only Roman Tam in his theatrical performances. As a dancer to the stars, V2JDanceCulture has danced with the likes of Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jordan Chan, Sally Yip, Alex To and numerous other artists. At one point in time he was even the sole choreographer for Alex To, and took part in many single promotional MTV videos and shows for him and other artists in Hong Kong.

Entering into the dance world with the likes of Jordan Chan and Aaron Kwok before they became singing superstars, V2JDanceCulture has performed in well over 1300 shows to date (both big and small shows combined). Through his travels, he has seen many dancers come and go, yet over the decades he has remained true to his love of dance. Dancing has taken him to many destinations around the world, from Hong Kong, to Australia, to Taiwan, and now to Toronto where dance still remains a vital part of his life.

Having taught dance for a number of years since arriving to Toronto, V2JDanceCulture now focuses on choreographing and mentoring other dancers in becoming the best that they can be. Through all that he does, his love for music and dance still remains his main passion.

From his vast knowledge and experiences, V2JDanceCulture has built for himself a name - a name that has come to be associated with professionalism, quality, and skill. He remains actively involved with the Chinese community within Toronto, and his work continues to be highly visible throughout his many choreographed television and local performances. Since coming to Toronto, V2JDanceCulture has been the sole choreographer for Fairchild Television. He has choreographed the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant for 16 years, and the New Talent Singing Contest in Toronto for 17 years running now.

V2JDanceCulture looks to use this as an outlet to further expand his horizons in the industry. He aims to bring his knowledge in many dances forms to help create further breakthroughs in the dance industry.

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