2014 Dance Training Program

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Selective Program

You are invited to take part in V2JDanceCulture's Dance Training Program. V2JDanceCulture has been dancing and choreographing for over 27 years now, and carries with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Offered to you is an opportunity to learn from some of the best dancers and teachers in Toronto. This program, which will span over 3 months, will consist of weekly classes covering many dance forms from ballroom to hip hop.

Not only are you given the opportunity to learn many dance forms, but also there is the added benefit of possibly performing in future shows or auditioning to become a professional dancer in Hong Kong. Whether you're just starting to learn dance, or want to hone your skills, this program is opened to everyone or all skill levels and experience. Due to limited class sizes, only certain applicants will be selected and given entrance to this program. Official program information is listed here (Complete program / Selective program), and the application form can be downloaded at here (Complete program /Selective program).


Take this opportunity to learn, develop, or build upon your already existing talents. Learn from some of the best and experienced dancers found in Toronto!

Not only will you learn to move and groove to different kinds of music, but several students may be chosen and given the opportunity to take part in future upcoming shows! This includes live television performances! See the list of upcoming events for future show opportunities. More shows will be added later as dates and venues are finalized.

Graduating students may also be chosen to audition for professional dancing training in Hong Kong as well.


Why participate? For recognition, confidence, exercise, to spawn a dancing career, to meet new people - whatever your reason, we welcome anyone and everyone who meets eligibility to apply for this program.


There are absolutely no pre-requisites for signing up for this dance program. Dancers of all levels are welcome to apply for this program. You are signing up to learn, and we are here to teach.

If you love to dance, love to perform, and would like an opportunity to train to become a performer, this is the program for you! Many forms of dance will be covered such as Ballroom, Latin, Hip hop, Jazz and even acrobatics

The only thing required is that you come willing to learn and have fun!



Date: June 7, 2014 - August 24, 2014
Cost: $720.00 (Taxes included) for 48 Classes
Application Deadline: June 3, 2014
Courses: Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Break Dance, Salsa, Ballroom/Latin
Class Schedule: Listed Here

Download the application form here


Date: June 7, 2014 - August 24, 2014
Cost: $16.00 (Taxes included) per class

Duration: 1.5hr per class
Application Deadline: June 5, 2014
Courses: Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary,  Break Dance, Salsa, Ballroom/Latin
Class Schedule: Listed Here

Download the application form here

Other Items:
(1) All dance courses suitable for ages 13 and up
(2) All students must wear proper dance attire when attending class (casual wear/gym suits.) Running shoes or dance shoes must be worn to class (unless otherwise specified by the instructor). No jeans or leather shoes are permitted in class.
(3) We retain the right to change teachers or class schedules without notification should teachers be unavailable for a particular week.
(4) Graduating students have the possibly to perform in future performances (such as Miss Chinese Toronto and New Talent Singing Contest) and possibly auditioning to become a dancer in Hong Kong
(5) Attendance for all classes is not mandatory. Students are encouraged to attend all classes to benefit the most from the courses offered through the program.
(6) Students assume their own risks when attending classes. Any injuries incurred during class are the student's responsibility. Students must use their own discretion to decide whether an action is safe to be performed given the students capabilities. All precautions will be taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable dance environment.


(1) 所有課程均適合年滿 13歲或以上人士參加

Please direct any inquires to the program here: info@v2jdanceculture.com

Andy Lau 1992 HK Coliseum Concert